Feminine Artwork Desk Mockup – available now


Feminine Artwork Mockup FInal by Victorias Studio caravan

Hi, I made some mockups for you fellow designers. Enjoy.

I tried the new mockup with the flyer I did recently for lovely  Vintage Caravan Hotel and I loved it!

You can have it and put your own work in it for just $10:  CLICK HERE

– 1 psd file 4800×3200, 300 dpi, with full editable mockup

– Each element in separate layer

– Peach and rose candle included, so you can choose.

You can change the background to any colour or texture, remove, move or edit each object. Easy to use.



5 Ways Illustrations Make Your Logo Design Memorable



Since I am doing illustrated logos for a few years now, I decided to write an article on how illustrations make your logo memorable. It takes a lot of a designer’s hard work, efforts and skills to create a logo. Logos represent your company’s signature, and should recognize your brand instantly, minus the use of a tagline. Don’t get me wrong here. I am not suggesting that taglines are not important for a logo design However, I would give more marks to the use of illustrations than the use of text in logo design.

A logo is not simply about creating texts or fonts. It is an illustration that makes a mark in the people’s mind. Here are some ways with which you can make your logo memorable.

1. Brand Recognition

Your company logo should be able to connect with your audience instantly. One look at your logo should tell them about the business you are in. This is the reason your logo should be flamboyant so that there is instant brand recognition. For example, if you are launching a new toothpaste into the market, your logo should emphasize on glowing teeth and freshness of breath. Remember people associate a thousand dollar smile with a tooth paste brand. This aspect should be aptly reflected in the logo. As far as toothpaste is concerned, more emphasis should be on the usability of the product.

2. Builds Instant Connection

When you are looking for increased market share, your logo need to be extremely illustrious so that people are able to connect instantly with your brand. Anyone looking for a product with no specific company in mind will be instantly attracted, when an image or picture is used in the logo. Human vision is always drawn more towards pictures than text. Your logo will be memorable if you use images that exactly depict what your target audience is looking for. Keep your illustrations direct and appealing rather than including complicated taglines. Illustrations make your logo artistic and also striking.

3. Illustrations Narrate a Tale

Every company has a tale to narrate. And it is done more effectively with the use of illustrations in a logo. Illustrations should have the power to intrigue and also motivate your prospective customers. Using illustrations will make you strengthen your logo and will add more intensity to the text used. Illustrations also inform customers what you are about to offer them.

4. Creates Impression

A logo always creates the first impression in the minds of your audience. Therefore, illustrations should be used intelligently, and not making it look cheap and too obvious. Remember that the first impression is the last impression. A professional logo designer will always use illustrations that beguiles the intended audience.

5. Creates Shocking Effect

Nowadays, much hype is created when a new product is launched in the market. As a result, people simply get bored watching the same promotional techniques. Therefore, companies now use shock therapy to allure audience. Illustrations make people for a call-to-action with shocking designs. This does not imply that the illustration has to be too loud or sexy! Instead a professional illustration artist can bring about something more humorous or avant-garde to thrill audience.  Illustrations help in making your logo memorable, that´s for sure.

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Sabra has finally arrived!


Meet Sabra the Long-legged Goofy (mixed) Saluki, based on the real, mostly true and larger-than-life dog Sabra. In this beautiful children’s book published by Fagiolina Press, the story follows him as he travels halfway across the globe from Israel to be adopted by a loving family in Washington, D.C. See what happens when he grows from a small scared puppy with long legs into a gentle giant with even longer legs and an even bigger heart, capturing attention everywhere he goes.

Writer: Nina Halper

Illustrator: Danna Victoria

Publisher: http://www.fagiolinapress.com

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/sabrathebook/